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Furious Locals Have Joined Campaigners And MPs In Asking Why Jake Davison Was Granted A Shotgun Licence And Had His Weapon Returned To Him Last Month After An Alleged Assault Last Year
Furious Locals Have Joined Campaigners And MPs In Asking Why Jake Davison Was Granted A Shotgun Licence And Had His Weapon Returned To Him Last Month After An Alleged Assault Last Year
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Furious locals have joined campaigners and MPs in asking why Jake Davison was granted a shotgun licence and had his weapon returned to him last month after an alleged assault last year.

Friends of the killer's victims as well as the Gun Control Network, Labour leader Sir  and Plymouth MP Luke Pollard called for urgent answers into why the 22-year-old was allowed to be armed.

The incel fanatic was stripped of his gun in December - following an alleged assault in September - but it was returned to him last month after he attended an anger management course.

It comes as disturbing new footage shows the gunman crouching over one of his victim's bodies during the horror attack.

A car's dashcam picked up the grisly scenes as Davison looms over the woman while shocked residents appear to be calling the police. 

Meanwhile a former top prosecutor said the shooter should have been on a police watchlist before he killed five people and himself on Thursday.

Nazir Afzal, who was previously chief crown prosecutor for the North West, said Davison was 'exactly the type of person the authorities should be keeping an eye on'.

The police chief investigating the mass shooting was confronted by an angry local on why his force had given back Davison's pump-action shotgun after taking it away.

Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer was challenged by 78-year-old former MoD armed security guard Stewart Parfitt who asked why the firearm was returned last month.

Davison's shooting spree left five people dead - as well as himself - and was Britain's first 'incel' mass shooting, named after a violent online subculture of 'involuntary celibates', who have an inability to find a sexual partner.

Today, his sister spoke of how she had been unable to comprehend the fact that her brother had murdered their mother Maxine, before taking four more lives, including that of a three-year-old girl. 

She told a friend: 'I'm devastated, I haven't been able to take it all in, it's just too much.'

The friend told MailOnline: high retention youtube views 'She is heartbroken, her brother has not only shot and killed their mother but then taken his own life and if that isn't bad enough is responsible for killing four innocent people, including a little three-year-old girl.

'She's lost two members of her family and needs time to grieve, which is difficult because she's had so many people knocking at her house.





She's had to move away temporarily.

'When I saw her, she looked so shocked still and really tired and withdrawn. You can see the effect this horrific incident has had on her.

'The one positive thing is that she isn't alone, she has her boyfriend Shane who has been looking after her and providing a shoulder to cry on. He's been a tower of strength.'

The sister's other brother himself left a heartfelt tribute to his mother this afternoon, by updating his Facebook profile picture to one of the two of them together.

In other developments:

  • Friends said Davison's mother had begged the NHS and police to give him urgent mental health treatment;
  • Neighbours said his father Mark had previously told the police his son's gun should be taken away from him;
  • The police watchdog is also probing what information Devon and Cornwall Police had about Davison's health;
  • Boris Johnson said that the issue of how the killer came to legally own a gun should be 'properly investigated';
  • The Prime Minister branded the mass shooting in Plymouth on Thursday as an 'absolutely appalling' incident;
  • Plymouth residents last night held candlelit vigils for the five victims killed in the shooting spree on Thursday; 

Jake Davison who shot multiple people and then himself last night was a YouTuber who ranted about being a 'fat ugly virgin'

Adopted Sophie Martyn, 3, and her father Lee, 43, (pictured) were shot by Jake Davison at random.





Lee's wife Becky is pictured right. Witnesses have told how Lee died while trying to shield his daughter from the gunman

Sophie and Lee were rushed to nearby Derriford hospital, where Lee's wife Becky works, but both passed away despite the medics' best efforts.





Sophie was pushing a toy pram when the gunman struck 

Jake Davison's mother Maxine  was the first to be killed.





She and other relatives are claimed to have begged the police and NHS to help him with mental health problems

66-year-old Kate Shepherd was Davison's final victim, and was gunned down by Blush hair salon in Plymouth

Jake Davison then moved on towards a nearby wooded area where he shot and murdered dog walker Stephen Washington, 59, (above)

Home Secretary Priti Patel and Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police, Shaun Sawyer, visiting the tributes in Plymouth today

Plymouth residents last night came together for a candlelight vigil at North Down Crescent Park after the local community was rocked by the shooting spree

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